robbob and co was founded in 2007 by Robert Parry-Jones for simple use of friends but over the recent years it has become more popular with new pages added. The top torrents is one of the newer adages allowing the user to download movies,games and software free of charge. another new page is the solid works download page which is one of the newest pages. solid works is a highly respectable company and a great source of  CAD  software, unfortunately the cad software costs a huge sum around £500/$809 which is a lot of money even if you need something fortunately this is a file shearing page as well so you can download solid works free of charge. Unfortunately you need a password for this page witch you can revive by emailing me at

Hello and welcome to About us if you wish to contact me about anything plese feel free to send ma an email at or send me a letter to LL57 2UG

 please leave comments at


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